Connect Education 2.0 Update on Demos

The Connect Education 2.0 Seminar afternoon session featuring practical demonstrations by teachers for teachers has been finalised.
There are 3 rooms being used with no more than 2 parallel demos at any one time.
All demos are 30 minutes in duration.
Demos begin at 2 and run on til 4 pm.
Here's the running order, times and rooms:

2.00 'til 2.30 - Library - Hot Potatoes and Moodle - John Curran
2.00 'til 2.30 - Boardroom - Moodle and Science Resources - Mark Glynn
2.30 'til 3.00 - Computer Room - Google Apps in the Classroom - Kevin Shortall
2.30 'til 3.00 - Boardroom - Gill & Macmillans eBooks - Tony Hetherington
3.00 'til 3.30 - Computer Room - Adult Literacy and "Write On" - Denise Mc Bride
3.00 'til 3.30 - Boardroom - ICT and Teaching Maths - Ciaran O Sullivan
3.30 'til 4.00 - Library - ICT and Business Studies - Emer Quinn
3.30 'til 4.00 - Computer Room - Web Resources for any Subject - Liza Coyle

The Library is located on the ground floor in the far right corner.
The Boardroom is upstairs on the left.
The Computer Room is upstairs at the end of the landing.

The first 2 Sessions will take place on the ground floor in the Malachy Horan Room, on the right as you enter the building.

There is wifi access throughout the building, ask for the username/password from any of the staff or presenters.

Tea and coffee will be served between sessions, thanks to the NCTE for providing refreshments and to the Dublin West Education Centre for providing the venue.

Thanks especially to all speakers/presenters for agreeing to take part in this Seminar.

To register your interest in taking part in further Connect Education events please send an email to

The #Ed2Seminar hashtag has been set up for this event, please use this hashtag in your tweets.

Connect Education Update

At Innovation Dublin's #thelongdebate in the Digital Hub lastnight there was a lot of talk about education. The tweetstream was full of ideas about encouraging innovation. Connect Education has been promoting the idea of teachers coming together to create digital resources for use in the classroom. But it's not just teachers who need to engage in this activity, all of the other digital creatives are needed too.

The Connect Education Community of Practice is encouraging teachers and digital creatives to come together to create and share digital resources for use in the classroom. The basic idea is that if ten maths teachers come together and each create a resource then each of the ten will then have ten resources to use. The platform being used for training and sharing is Moodle, an open source virtual learning environment. By participating you'll get free training and the community benefits by building a bank of reusble resources.

Free training in the use of Moodle and the creation of digital resources is being offered through the Dublin West Education Centre at the moment. To take part just send an email to

Connect Education and South Dublin County Council are also organising an Education Seminar next wednesday 17th as part of Innovation Dublin in the Dublin West Education Centre. The Connect Education 2.0 Seminar has 3 main sessions; the first focusing on the Connect School Project and it's implementation and evaluation; the second lookin at the role non-traditional education players; and the third which features half hour demonstrations of ICT use in teaching and learning. See the poster above for details of speakers.

Connect Education 2.0 Seminar

Education 2.0:  Education in the Information Age

Dublin West Education Centre
17th November 2010

Session 1
The Connect School in practice

South Dublin County Council’s Connect School Project at St Aidan’s Community School, Brookfield, Tallaght uses ICT extensively to deliver education. Every student and teacher in St Aidan’s has a laptop and uses one-to-one computing in the classroom.

10.00am    What we have learnt from the Connect School project
Conor Galvin PhD, UCD College of Human Sciences
Lecturer in Education / Director MA Education Programme

10.30am    How we delivered the Connect School Project
                Frank Moran, Principal, St Aidan’s Community School

10.50am    Connecting to Communities though ICT in Education
                Avril Bailey, an Cos├ín

Questions & Answer session

Break for tea/coffee

Session 2
Education’s Future: Technology in the Classroom

11.45am    Google Apps in Education
                Sam Peter – Google Education Specialist

12.15am    Microsoft’s vision for Education & Learning
                Dr Kevin Marshall, Education Lead, Microsoft Ireland

12.45pm    Camara- bringing Technology to Education
                Steven Daly, Camara Ireland Education Manager

Session 3
2.00-4.00pm Practical Workshops – list
-         Google Apps in the Classroom
-         Using Hot Potatoes in Moodle
-         Project Maths using ICT
-         Connect Community of Practice
-         ICT School Roadmap
-         ICT and Business Studies

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Camara operates as a social enterprise and operates in two distinct business lines: ‘Electronic Waste Reuse’ and ‘Education Delivery’. The connection between these two, seemingly disparate business units is technology.