St Aidan's Website, Moodle and Google Apps.

The School Website here at St Aidan's has been redeveloped. One of our Teachers redeveloped the site using iWeb on a Mac Powerbook. The site now looks cleaner and is easier to navigate.

We have also given St. Aidan's Moodle a bit of a facelift, replacing the old theme we'd been using with one that ties in better with the look and feel of our Website. Our Moodle front-end shares some of the Website's features such as the Google Map identifying the location of the school and the Google Calendar.

Prominent links have been placed on Moodle to allow Students and Teachers to easily access the School Website and the School's gmail.
We hope all our users find the new Website and Moodle theme user-friendly. We see this as a first step in more fully integrating Moodle, the School Website and the School's Google Apps.