Schoolbots challenge students to improve IT skills

Student participation in computer games programming can help boost interest in mathematics and should be used to help reinvigorate the subject at second level, an information communication technology programme specialist has stated.
Announcing a major computer games competition, Schoolbots, for transition year students, Dr Liam Noonan from Tipperary Institute's ICT department explained how computer game programming can illustrate the implementation of key mathematical concepts in a host of real-life applications. Taking theory from the text book and translating it into a tangible project not only makes the subject more interesting, it is also proven to improve results in the subject.
Sponsored by IT giants Google and Lenovo, the Tipperary Institute competition, Schoolbots - the only one of its kind in Ireland - takes place on 13 January next and aims to encourage students to develop new IT skills while improving their understanding of important maths principles. Read More

Courtesy: RTE