Peer to Peer Learning ,.......and Logistics

We had our first Core Group Meeting of the year last week and tackled such issues as the Review Report of Yr 1, Training Program, Moodle Administration, Developing an Action Plan and recruiting 2 new members.
We decided to open a Forum on Moodle to find out what Training our Teachers would like. The response has been decent and a pattern is beginning to emerge. Armed with this information we will develop a Training Program over the next few days.

Two new Teachers have been recruited to the Core Group bringing the members to 10. With 58 Teachers in the School this leaves us with 2 Trainers to every 10 Teachers on Training Day. We intend to build on the success of the Peer Learning Approach of last year.

The Roll-Out Logistics Team had their inaugural meeting last week too. This Team numbers 8 and will oversee the distribution and collection of Laptops from now on. They took the Roll-Out Procedure document as their starting point and refined it to ensure the smooth running of the Roll-Out. The system will be further tweaked as we go along. It was recognised that the most important aspect, to begin with, is for all Teachers to have a full understanding of the Roll-Out and a place to discuss how it could be improved. A course has been set up on Moodle for this purpose. The Procedure will be posted there, emailed to all staff and a Forum set up for discussion on how the Roll-Out can be improved.

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