Moodle Training Day

Our first In-Service of the 07/08 Academic Year takes place here in St. Aidan's on Thursday 25th of October in conjunction with project partners the Dublin West Education Centre. We're continuing with our Peer-to-Peer learning approach and the Core Group are conducting ten Workshops throughout the day covering areas such as a Moodle Crash Course for new staff, Moodle Revision, PC Maintenance, Hot Potatoes Quizzes, Smartboards and School Administration.
We arrived at a concensus on what Training to deliver by starting a Forum on Moodle and asking for the Teachers' input on the Training they require. The School Administration Workshop promises to be very interesting as we will be working with the School's Principal, Deputy Principal and Admin staff to examine how we can best use the Virtual Learning Environment to enhance and streamline the admin function of the School. It is often the most obvious and simple things that can have a big impact, for example loading up all Student photos onto the user profiles in Moodle. This makes it easy for everyone to identify new students at this time of year.
We just got word today from the National Centre for Technology in Education that our broadband connection has just been upgraded to 4Mbps, as I type up this blog I can see the difference already, we are very grateful to the NCTE for this. This upgrade is timely and should make a marked difference when all Staff are busy developing and uploading their Curriculum Content onto Moodle.

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