Connect Education Update

At Innovation Dublin's #thelongdebate in the Digital Hub lastnight there was a lot of talk about education. The tweetstream was full of ideas about encouraging innovation. Connect Education has been promoting the idea of teachers coming together to create digital resources for use in the classroom. But it's not just teachers who need to engage in this activity, all of the other digital creatives are needed too.

The Connect Education Community of Practice is encouraging teachers and digital creatives to come together to create and share digital resources for use in the classroom. The basic idea is that if ten maths teachers come together and each create a resource then each of the ten will then have ten resources to use. The platform being used for training and sharing is Moodle, an open source virtual learning environment. By participating you'll get free training and the community benefits by building a bank of reusble resources.

Free training in the use of Moodle and the creation of digital resources is being offered through the Dublin West Education Centre at the moment. To take part just send an email to

Connect Education and South Dublin County Council are also organising an Education Seminar next wednesday 17th as part of Innovation Dublin in the Dublin West Education Centre. The Connect Education 2.0 Seminar has 3 main sessions; the first focusing on the Connect School Project and it's implementation and evaluation; the second lookin at the role non-traditional education players; and the third which features half hour demonstrations of ICT use in teaching and learning. See the poster above for details of speakers.

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